Elearning Softwares

We create product and services marketplaces based on different models of seller engagement, order processing and revenue management. We keep the convenience of three target parties in mind – marketplace owners/admins, sellers and end consumers. Following your business vision, we give certain independence to sellers but keep all the workflows transparent and manageable.

  • What You Will Get Under This Service

  • Learning Management Systems
  • E-Learning Portals
  • Online marketplaces
  • Learning Experience Platforms
  • Remote Proctoring Software
  • Learning Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Learning Solutions
  • Knowledge Management Solutions

The goal of eLearning development is creating tools like LMS, LCMS, and LXP to help orgs increase learning efficiency and cut learning costs.

Since 2012, Intenext has been building eLearning solutions that drive digital transformation of corporate learning resulting in human capital ROI growth.

The distance learning solution allowed automating all educational processes, including tests and exams, and facilitated online communication between the students and the academic staff.


We shift from monolithic to decoupled architectures to achieve more functional flexibility. We are also adept at advanced techs such as voice recognition or 3D modeling if you want to differentiate your brand.

We help in situations when a current ecommerce solution hinders business development. We unfold an ecommerce migration process to move to a more flexible and scalable architecture and transfer business data.