e-Governance Solutions

e-Governance Solution Development Services

E-Governance calls for efficient execution by the governments in their respective areas so that their services are aligned with the changing needs of citizens. With a steep rise in information and communication technology in the recent years, it has become imperative for the governments in most countries to resort to e-Governance. This is because e-Governance enables government departments to function more efficiently and transparently.

  • To list down a few, our offerings are:

  • Web and mobile based e-governance solutions
  • Employee appraisal system across multiple states/departments
  • Portfolio management solution
  • Government health and family services solutions
  • Workflow management systems
  • Performance tracking and management solutions
  • Education university model for e-Governance

The goal of attaining e-Government extends beyond the computerization of stand-alone back-office processes to the principles of how government functions, implying a new set of obligations for the executive, legislature, and citizens. As part of our efforts to assist the government, Intenext provides end-to-end IT solutions to various government agencies and departments in order to help them become more efficient and accessible.

We offer a wide spectrum of services and solutions in e-Governance and have attained rich expertise in delivering solutions that are enriched with the highest standards of usability, flexibility, and scalability. We have extended our expertise to the state, local and provincial governments to tackle evolving challenges by successfully delivering citizen-centric services and values. The major areas where our expertise has actively contributed include police, social and rural services, agriculture, EWS services etc.

Through our expert consultancy services, many government agencies have been able to follow an IT roadmap that is in line with the directives of IT authorities of the government agencies.


Using our own blockchain development solutions, we automate your operations and implement the highest level of security.

With our secure IoT solutions, you can optimize key processes and improve decision-making and predictive maintenance