Abhinav Das

Founder & Managing Director
PatnaKart Agro Farms Private Limited

Innovative and performance-driven Entrepreneur with with over a decade of experience in Technology, marketing and business development with deep passion for technology and business. Experienced in managing all aspects of business development. Possess the ability to work and remain calm under pressure, excellent leadership skills, and great time management skills. Founded Intenext Solutions Private Limited in 2013 which developed a software product that significantly improves the quality and efficiency of Business and Patnakart Agro Farms Private Limited in 2021 an App based Agri-tech startup recognised by Startup India. 

My Obsessive Journey to Enterprenuership...

If excelling in one's field gives an opportunity to be a leader, I am happy to take it in my stride. At a time when people, especially youths of my age, are taking to big metros as destinations of technological advancement and Internet solutions, I always believed a small city like Patna could be a much better choice to excel in this field and also reach out to people of my own state and provide them the same quality at much cheaper rates than IT geeks based in big metros can provide. Sense of being a successful entrepreneur is a constant guiding principle. It gives immense satisfaction to wear cap of being one of leaders in my field. Anyways, leading always gives pleasure and leading well a sense of responsibility. Though I do not believe in comparisons, which often cause digressions and give a sense of fake superiority, I do believe Bihar has come a long way from days of Remington's typewriters. Patna's growth in last 10 years has been phenomenal, not just in field of real estate but also towards switchover to technology and computers for compatibility and growth. Right from E-office File tracking system of government which my company pioneered to implement paperless work culture in Bihar Government offices to free access of valuable data on government sites, it has been a nice upward journey for the state. The leaders, who used to say "ये आईटी वाईटी क्या होता हैं,"now have devoted IT cells at their offices to manage their social networking sites. The 2015 and 2020 assembly elections showed high-pitched IT-induced advertisement wars between political parties. People like us have now become hidden war room heroes. Bihar is thinking IT big and we are the techno drivers of the thought process.

Game Changer

Moving beyond towns and getting clients from small towns and even villages gives real satisfaction. Though I got an opportunity to lead a team when I got promoted to post of director in Delhi-based IT consulting firm, I-Metier Consulting Pvt.Ltd in December 2012, the firm where I had started my career as Marketing Executive in September 2011. My growth with the company filled me with a sense of self-belief. I decided to take a brave decision that had risks. I started my own company, Intenext Solutions Pvt. in October 2013. I started with a set of four-five people, who were full of energy. There were moments of desperation when I had to knock doors of offices for clientele and several people not willing to believe that I can produce good results at such a young age and and not much experience. But it was a matter of a first few assignments. My company lived up to clients' expectations. Good words and good will started spreading and I am happy to share that I work with a team of more than 50 now and have best names of Bihar as well as established big national players as my clients. This said, challenges and expectations only grow and I wish prize of good work should be more works.

Results I have shown, business model and clients' trust my company and its devoted team have earned. That I backed my decision to an entrepreneur in challenging Bihar ahead of choice of a white collar job should be encouraged.