Voice Call Service

From HD call quality to remote tracking, we offer everything to boost your customer experience.

  • Voice Call Feature

  • Voice Broadcasting Facilities
  • User-Friendly Panel
  • Segment Audience
  • Schedule Voice Campaign
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Excellent Support Team

Send voice ads and pre-recorded messages in customized language through bulk voice call IVR.

Voice call auto dialing features boost higher penetration with maximum successful calls.

No pay for unanswered calls. The final bill is made based on answered calls only.

Reach anywhere in India with effective voice call messaging across geographical limitations.

Send customized voice calls to an audience based on the message, language, etc. and target a wider audience.

Take the message to your customer's ears at a budget-friendly price.

With auto redialing features there is a higher chance of customers listening to voice message.

Voice call works better than traditional calls due to high quality. Hence a higher success rate.